The Company.

Ever since the late 1980s, passion for wood.

The historical roots of Arrigo Woodworking Company

The new Arrigo Urne brand is the result of the Arrigo Woodworking company’s experience accumulated in almost forty years in the woodworking industry. It is dedicated to the production of burial urns for funeral homes, retailers and wholesalers of burial items. Ever since the late 1980s, passion for wood, inspired creativity and skilled craftsmanship have been the main elements of this 100% Italian tradition throughout its ongoing quest for development and advancement.

Quality at the service of our customers

The production of burial urns in a broad variety of shapes and sizes is the reflection of a production process characterized by the exceptional quality of the raw materials selected and the great attention given to the needs of our customers.

More specifically, Arrigo Urne offers customers:

  • The possibility of customizing the design of any cinerary urn;
  • The utmost in flexibility in terms of the management of any type of order, from small to large-scale orders;
  • Research to find new types of wood available on the global market or particular finishes for surfaces and even innovative special effects.
 Italian design and innovative technology  

Arrigo Urne has based its technological skill on the machinery of its time-honoured woodworking company and an ongoing investment in cutting edge equipment. Thanks to this equipment, for the most part made up of NC processing centre machinery managed by specific software, our company is now able to carry out a broad range of processing operations while supplying products of the highest quality in terms of volume and substance.

From the concept to the prototype and final production of burial urns

The greatest strength of Arrigo Urne is most certainly found in its commitment, consistency and the professionalism of its human resources along with the decision to outfit the Prototype and Sample Department with hi-tech equipment to guarantee that our customers can have the general concept of their chosen products within a brief period of time. All of this makes it possible to fully meet the needs of their standard or special projects.