Cremation urns with patterned effects.

Creativity, design and imagination are the features which most effectively describe the manufacturing philosophy behind the patterned cremation urns by Arrigo Urne: available in customized sizes, they stand on a wood or MDF base, both of which are adaptable, hardwearing and warm materials, perfect for safeguarding your loved ones in a comfortable new resting place that withstands the passing of time and adverse environmental conditions. The quality of the Made in Italy label, which distinguishes the production of the patterned cremation urns by Arrigo Urne, immediately transpires from the wide selection of wood finishes available, all of which are perfectly able to satisfy the most diversified requirements: Oak, Beach, Cherry, Fir, Pine, Walnut and Rosewood.

Proposed Images are only a selection of the catalog

The patterned cremation urns by Arrigo Urne may cherish the ashes of our loved ones. Available in glossy, matt or satin finishes, our patterned cremation urns may also be custom-made in the widest variety of different shapes and sizes, to satisfy the requirements of a clientele that is refined, original and in step with the times. The durability of our patterned cremation urns is tried and tested, thanks to a double layer of surface finish which makes them perfectly resistant to abrasion and humidity: even when exposed to the light, your urn will retain its original sheen for many years, without yellowing with age, as often occurs with poor quality products. The special surface treatments of the patterned cremation urns produced by Arrigo woodworkers offer a wide selection of different textures and patterns. Here are just some of the main types: 12 variants of Decor marble, from Botticino to Nero Marquina and Carrara, glossy black or white veined, for a tasteful product in a style that is typically Italian. Countless floral and plant decorations, comprising branch and tree compositions, constitute another important category of motifs from our catalogue, flanked by graphic and abstract designs, geometric shapes and even modern art compositions in Pollock style, which complete the customized offering of patterned cremation urns by Arrigo Urne.