Cinerary urns for animals

Production of cinerary urns for animals

The cinerary urns for animals designed specifically for the conservation of the ashes of our dear four-legged friends.

The ashes of our pets can rest in dignity in urns specifically created in different dimensions and forms. The cinerary urns for animals by Arrigo Urne also offer a wide assortment of colours: from the more classic of oak, beech or cherry woods to the more modern gloss lacquer or elegant coloured MDF. Ideal for this type of product is the possibility of using digitally printed inserts with images of the animal.

Forms for animal cinerary urns

The cinerary urns for animals offered by Arrigo Urne can be completely customised based on the request of the client: from the shape, which may be octagonal, hexagonal, rectangular, book shaped, pyramidal or cube, to the size. Choose any form desired for the conservation of the ashes of dear four-legged friends with serenity: Arrigo Urne see to its creation in full compliance with the request.

Special finishes for animal cinerary urns

Like all of the urns of our production, the cinerary urns for animals may be provided with special double-layer finish, offered in gloss, matte or satin. Recently introduced is a new pastel finish, sober and refined, particularly indicated for the conservation of the ashes of pets. The pastel tone of our cinerary urns is obtained with a particular material colored in the paste and can be requested in the standard colors: green, gray, black, orange, yellow, blue, red and purple.

Cinerary urns for animals with photo

Conceived for our companion animals, to remember them in a unique and original way, the cinerary urns for animals with printed photo have been designed by Arrigo Urne starting from attentively and precisely listening to our clients to the research of a special keepsake to dedicate to our dearly departed four-legged friend. Arrigo Urne is equipped with an internal laboratory dedicated to the latest digital printing, thanks to which it can create cinerary urns for animals on-site with the photo printed using a particular ink that adheres directly to the wood fibres. This method guarantees robustness, durability over time and maximum output.