Distinct finishes for cinerary urns with special effects

How to preserve the ashes of your loved ones in original and elegant urns.

Arrigo Urne offers a broad range of cinerary urns made in real wood and customizable with a large variety of special finishes. Here are some of our processing solutions to offer you cinerary urns with special effects and with a style that is always dignified and distinguished.

Cinerary urns with marble effect

Arrigo Urne provide types of funeral urns with a final result very similar to fine Italian marbles, from glossy black to veined white. Through marbled finishing processes we achieve aesthetically very refined items, with a typically Italian taste.

Cinerary urns with fibre effect

One of the great classics of our production, our company offers wooden cinerary urns in a variety of shapes – rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal – with an opaque white fibre effect that looks exactly like natural granite. We also have models whose final effect is very similar to exquisite Italian marble, from glossy black to veined white.

Metallic cinerary urns

Obtaining a fine metallic effect on wood calls for experience, skill and thorough knowledge of the product. Thanks to the know-how acquired as a specialized woodworking company, the Arrigo Urne company is capable of manufacturing a wide assortment of cinerary urns in pure natural wood with finishes on the surface that add a realistic metallic effect to the product.

Mother of pearl cinerary urns

Our burial urns are made in solid wood: from Durmast oak, Cherry, Walnut and Beech wood to other more precious wood types. Every article can be decorated with special finishes including inserts or panels in a variety of valuable materials such as mother of pearl (used not only for its beauty but for its sturdiness and durability as well) for the production of cinerary urns with special effects.

Opaque black MDF cinerary urns

Refined and never mawkish. Sober and dignified. These are the characteristics of the MDF cinerary urns created by Arrigo Urne with opaque black colouring to make the product truly unique and elegant.

Cinerary urns with bronzed effect

The production of burial urns by our company is based exclusively on the use of top-quality wood. This natural and essential material is skilfully processed by specialized artisans and can be finished with a bronzed effect that enhances the item in such a way to make it look as if has actually been made with this metal alloy. This is possible thanks to lacquering processes that yield a particular bronzed result.