Custom-made burial urns for retailers and funeral homes

Experience, skill and passion for a product made of top-quality wood

Retailers of burial items, wholesalers and funeral homes place their trust in Arrigo Urne for cutting edge solutions developed specifically for those looking for exclusive cinerary urns in wood, characterized by the painstaking attention to detail so typical of master craftsmen of the bygone days.

Collections by Arrigo Urne are designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy by a staff specialised in woodworking with the help of high-tech NC machinery. The use of raw materials of the utmost quality from all over the world carefully selected by our company experts makes it possible for us to offer items that are refined, elegant and can stand the test of time.

Custom-made lacquered burial urns

Arrigo Urne has a Lacquering Department on the premises that offers a very broad range of colours for cinerary urns of all available shapes as well as those specially designed upon request. Our company can provide any colour you can find on the RAL chart! Several layers of lacquer ensures that the product is ultra-resistant to light, heat and the passage of time.

Custom-made decorated burial urns

The items manufactured by Arrigo Urne range from traditional rectangular wooden urns to hexagonal and even octagonal-shaped urns. All of these products are made in solid wood of the utmost quality. Special decorative processing (engraving, inlays, insets or specific lacquering that create original effects) is also available upon request.