Made in Italy

Over forty years of experience in the woodworking field allows us to offer the market made to measure cinerary urns able to satisfy the different tastes and needs of our clientele. Our products have become a true must for resellers and wholesalers of funerary items and large funeral homes that can find quality products in real wood with maximum customisation in Arrigo Urne.

Made to measure cinerary urns

Defined lines, rigorous volumes and classic design for an original form that is much-appreciated by the clientele. Thanks to CNC technology and to the personnel specialised in beechwood, cherry and oak, but also in fir and pine, transforming them into quality and aesthetically pleasing made to measure cinerary urns. For those looking for a top line product also available in rosewood and walnut, or with exotic essences upon request.

Made to measure funerary urns

Typical religious symbol dedicated to eternal life; the octagon celebrates the meaning of eternal life. This is how such an evocative form becomes the cinerary urn par excellence. The woods used for the construction of these made to measure cinerary urns are among the most resistant and pleasing to the eye and touch: oak, beech, cherry, fir, pine, walnut, but also precious essences of rosewood and mahogany.

Made to measure funerary urns

Inspired by the noted and symbolic geometric figure that, since ancient times, has been the metaphor for the divine, the made to measure pyramidal cinerary urns represent a choice as classic as it is highly evocative. Precious wooden essences, customised colours, effects on demand that complete a product already with high added-value within itself, guaranteed by multi-decade experience in the woodworking of the Arrigo Urne.

Made to measure funerary urns

A form with timeless taste, always current and refined. The made to measure cinerary urns in rectangular shape can be made with different woods and various finishes: for example, in oak, beech, or fir, or they can be requested in more sophisticated woods, such as rosewood, or with special effects, such as marble effect or standard lacquer or NCS sample.

Made to measure funerary urns

An essential and rigorous line for this product of great elegance and sobriety, that lends itself to numerous decorations and finishes while maintaining its grace and discretion: the made to measure cinerary urns in cube form represent a choice of sobriety, precision and minimalism, while at the same time representing the ideal base to create special effects with finishes, digital prints or customised treatments.

Made to measure cinerary urns
Various formats

For those who prefer uniqueness and originality, for those who think of “to measure” as an absolute novelty, for those who desire something truly special. Arrigo Urne offers a personalised design and creation service for made to measure cinerary urns in special formats, guaranteeing elegance, taste and maximum quality thanks to a studied design and the use of precious materials.