Cremation urns with photograph.

The cremation urns with photograph by Arrigo Urne are fruit of a forty year-long experience in the art of woodworking, a passion which, backed up by creative flair and skilled craftsmanship, has accompanied this expression of the Made in Italy cachet in the course of its progressive development and constant improvement. Down through the years, an impassioned approach to their activity has led the Arrigo Woodworking department to seek unconventional and up-to-the-minute solutions, through the exclusive use of technologically advanced tools and the preparation of countless samples with a view to offering customers a wide variety of solutions able to satisfy all possible tastes, down to the smallest detail: this professional vision is effectively expressed in our cremation urns with photograph.

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Designed for our loved ones, so that we may remember them in a way that is unique and original, the cremation urns with photograph by Arrigo Urne have been created on the grounds of an attentive study and keen awareness of an increasingly felt need on the part of our customers to commemorate their loved ones in a truly special way. Thanks to our in-house laboratory of cutting edge digital printing, the cremation urns with photograph by Arrigo Urne are produced entirely on our premises, to avoid excessively long lead times. The printing process is particularly innovative since it exploits nanotechnologies, thanks to which the ink is directly affixed to the wood fibres: this technique confers maximum strength and durability both to the urn and the photo, as well as ensuring an extremely reduced environmental impact deriving from the use of eco-sustainable ink, whose hazardous emissions are much lower than those of older generation laser printers. Colourful designs, emotion-packed images, a photograph of your loved one, the cremation urns with photograph by Arrigo Urne can be entirely made to customer specification: starting from the shape, which may be octagonal, hexagonal, rectangular, book-shaped, triangular or to the required size and special double layer finish, available in the versions of gloss, matt or satin.