The finest varieties of wood for top-quality burial urns

The finest varieties of wood for top-quality burial urns

The Arrigo Urne company makes wooden cinerary urns with only the finest wood found on the global market. All material used arrives from managed reforestation areas pursuant to the laws currently in effect and in the spirit of civic-minded and environmental issues. In fact, all of our material is FSC or PEFC certified.

Burial urns Made in Italy  

From prototype and assembly to lacquering and finish, the entire production cycle of the wooden cinerary urns manufactured by Arrigo Urne is carried out in Italy in order to offer a top-quality product in authentic Made in Italy tradition.

Here are some of the types of wood in our catalogue used to create burial urns that will meet the demands of any customer:

  • Cinerary urns in solid Durmast oak
  • Cinerary urns in solid Beech wood
  • Cinerary urns in solid Cherry
  • Cinerary urns in Fir
  • Cinerary urns in Pine
  • Cinerary urns in Walnut
  • Cinerary urns in Rosewood
Customization services for wooden cinerary urns

Arrigo Urne also offers the utmost in customization: if you can’t find it in catalogue, rest assured that it can be custom-made or created upon special design. The staff at Arrigo Urne will find the best solution and materials available on the international market to meet the needs of customers based their specific requests in terms of shape, size, colour and particular types of wood.


FSC Wood. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the model of certification which guarantees customers a product made with material originating from forests under appropriate environmental, social and economic management. Arrigo Urne uses FSC certified wood.

PEFC Wood. PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) is a programme that acknowledges sustainable forest management certification models on National and regional levels. Arrigo Urne uses PEFC certified wood.