Pastel effect cremation urns.

The pastel effect cremation urns by Arrigo Urne are a perfect combination of simplicity and manufacturing quality, fruit of an attentive awareness of customer requirements and the latest trends: particularly well suited to keeping our pets’ ashes, they provide a long-lasting, dignified and original solution for remembering our loved ones with affection and decorum.

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The remarkable shades of our pastel effect cremation urns are obtained by using a special through-body coloured material, available on request with a glossy, matt or satin finish to satisfy requirement for customization. The standard colours of our pastel effect cremation urns are: green, an understated colour whose style it blends perfectly with any environment. An elegant and refined colour, grey is certainly one of the most popular choices for its refinement and adaptability to all interior décor styles. Black is another popular colour, owing to its sobriety and refinement, particularly well suited and consistent with the primary purpose of an urn. Then come the other pastel colours of orange, yellow, light blue, red and violet: bright or more delicate shades. The pastel effect through-body coloured cremation urns offered by Arrigo Urne are produced in a medium/high density material which is resistant to flexion, torsion and humidity, so that it withstands the passing in time without risk of deformation or breakage. Perfectly in harmony with the times we live in, and increasingly in demand, this product is defined by an unquestionably high quality, a pared-down design and the possibility to customize shape, size and finish.